New Song, "Firefly"

As some of you might know, Dan & I released a new Skyhill track called "Firefly." We are both pretty proud of how it turned out, and we hope that you like it is as well. It actually took a few twists and turns as we were writing it before we came to the final version - some were much slower, some had a lot of guitars, some had a lot of horns, and some had different melodies and sounds altogether. For those of you who are songwriters, you know this is the process - the end is always much different than how you begin.

My point though, is that in the case of "Firefly," it is not to tell you about what guitar tracks were discarded or what melodies might have been, but to just say that the odds were pretty slim that Dan & I would have worked on it (or any song) at all had it not been for your tremendous support of the band, and for that I have to say a big "Thank You." You got us to reconnect musically and start working together again, and for that I am really grateful. 

To answer the questions I've gotten about another album, I'll just say that nothing is planned at the moment - we are just taking it day by day. There will definitely be more material, it's just hard to say when that will be. But Dan & I are excited to see where things go. 

Much love,