New Website

Although Skyhill has been on what you might call an indefinite hiatus for a while now, the incredible amount of emails (and even handwritten letters) that I consistently receive made me realize that it might be time to re-vamp the Skyhill website (I made it many years ago, and it certainly hasn't aged well).  

Probably the most popular question I get is if Skyhill will put out any more music (the second is if CDs are still available, and the answer to that one is yes, although I am pretty surprised that people still like to have a physical copy).  To answer the first question, I will just say that anything is possible.  There aren't any concrete plans at the moment, but I will post any updates on the website.

Thank you for all your kind words and support of the band - the response to the music has really been amazing to me, and Dan & I are both floored and humbled by it.